Arts Mark

What is the Primary 'Sport Premium'?

St Chad’s School is committed to providing all our learners with a motivating and inspiring creative curriculum that aims to develop thoughtful and responsible young people with high self-esteem and the skills and knowledge to succeed in life. The Creative Arts form part of our God given talents and give voice and expression to our understanding of His creation and our place within it.

At St. Chad’s School we offer:

·         The delivery of the Arts under curriculum headings, commonly Art, Dance within P.E., Drama through English and across the curriculum, and Music.

·         An experience which draws on a number of these curriculum areas, e.g. creating a piece of visual art from a music stimulus.

·         Contributors from Arts areas to other curriculum areas e.g. drama enhances the history experience.

·         The Arts as an essential aspect of worship in a Catholic school.

At St Chad’s School we aim:                   


To prepare learners for life- long learning by providing opportunities to pursue their interests and talents.

·         To facilitate the opportunity to participate in and experience a broad and balanced range of arts activities as part of a rich exciting curriculum.

·         To plan opportunities for learners to be creative and creatively express themselves in and through all art forms.

·         To provide a powerful tool which can support a progressive range of skills such as the development of knowledge, concepts and skills, and enhance the learning process across the curriculum.

·         To offer opportunities for learners to express themselves, enjoy themselves and be successful.

·         To enable individuals and groups of learners to achieve excellence and enjoyment.

·         To offer opportunities for individuals and groups of learners to be regularly involved in performance.

·         Provide opportunities for children to perform to their peers and to parents at a variety of venues both in school and in the wider community.

·         Enable children to be creative through composition and performance

·         To enable learners to develop their intellectual, aesthetic and critical faculties through active participation in the Arts.

·         To encourage the use of the Arts as an effective medium for achieving other educational objectives.

·         To enrich the curriculum for all learners through activities that accesses all areas of the curriculum, different cultures and those that reflect our local community.

·         To help develop a respect for others’ artistic tastes and points of view.

·         To achieve ‘Arts Awards’ under the auspices of Trinity College.

·         To use our creative skills to praise God and develop our understanding of Him.

In order to achieve this St. Chad’s School provides opportunities for children to develop their skills and talents via;

·         Group, individual and whole class activities as identified within planning.

·         Discussion with the group and individual learners as well as through demonstration and instruction.

·         Individual research and exploration.

·         Use of a variety of media (DVD, Internet, live theatre) to enhance the learners understanding.

·         The development of I.C.T. capability through Arts Education through the use of computers etc.

·         Enhancing a child’s self-esteem by promoting success in achievement and enjoyment in learning.

·         Assemblies, Presentations, Seasonal Performances.

·         Equipping learners with skills to interact with others, thereby developing a sense of purpose and belonging.

·         Valuing their own work and that of their peers.

·         Celebrating Arts Education by exhibiting, performing and presenting their work to represent their achievements in various 

​​       forms both in school and in the wider community. These can be provided through the following means:Extra-curricular

       activities for those learners who demonstrate a particular interest or ability, e.g. Music, drama/dance, art groups.


·         Arts Festivals

·         Assemblies

·         Concerts

·         Exhibitions

·         Displays


·         Using expertise and knowledge from within and outside the school.

·         Access to a variety of experiences within an arts setting.

·         In music, teaching and learning are achieved through a high level of practical work.

·         Children are provided with suitable musical instruments which they use to perform and compose.

·         During hymn practice and mass all children sing together and learn songs as a community.

External links

We have excellent links with a variety of Arts companies who work with us to extend and develop children’s learning experiences

and to extend the Gifted and Talented children in our school.


·          This year the following companies will be working with us:

·        ACE Dance will work with Years 5 and 6 during Autumn term 2020 on a project inspired by BLM


·         Birmingham Royal Ballet – Year 1 will audition for the Dance track programme which is specifically designed for the Gifted and Talented pupils. Children who are successful attend weekly classes with company free of charge for twelve months.

      They are then given the opportunity to remain on the programme for further training and have the option of auditioning for

      Elmhurst Vocational School at eleven years of age with full scholarship.

Year 1 will also take part in BRB Ballet in a Box based on the Nutcracker Autumn 2020. This is a workshop dewsigned to expose children to classical ballet ahead of their Dance track auditions.





St Chads received Artsmark Gold for the second time in 2017. We are currently compiling evidence to commence the process of gaining the award for a third time. Initially a Statement of Commitment will be compiled and sent to Trinity College in London. From January 2021, we have two years to collate evidence to show that we are continuing to deliver a comprehensive programme of arts in St Chad’s school.

We work with many prestigious artists to ensure that our children have access to the best facilities in the city. These include Birmingham Royal Ballet. Over a period of several years, many of our children have had access to their Dancetrack programme and attend weekly dance lessons at Holte School, where they are taught by members of the company. ACE Dance are regular visitors to our school and teach children contemporary dance on a weekly basis.

We also enter children for the Shakespeare Schools Festival. We work with Welsh National Opera and have recently secured the services of Birmingham Music Services, ensuring that our children have access to learning musical instruments.