Collective Worship 

Collective Worship is the children’s active participation in worship. Collective Worship includes all acts of worship, such as, daily prayer, assembly, Mass and prayer services. At St. Chad’s the children participate in a variety of acts of Collective Worship in different groupings: whole school collective worship, class collective worship, House Group collective worship and mixed classes collective worship.

This year, we have a special focus on the children planning and leading Collective Worship in class. They work in small groups and evaluate the success of the Collective Worship. They use this evaluation to inform the future planning of Collective Worship.

Collective Worship is given high priority. At St. Chad’s we ensure children have a chance to participate in acts of Collective Worship daily. This is planned for using a termly Collective Worship timetable.


Whole School Mass is celebrated on a weekly basis in St. Chad's School.


Parents and parishioners are invited to join the children and staff at this celebration, which the children regularly lead.

Please note: These Masses are subject to change. The class teacher will send an invitation with all the details a week before your child’s class Mass.

Summer Masses:

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