Remote Learning

All children returned to school in September 2020 to full time education.  Although we cannot guarantee that there will not be any further interruptions, either with some children being asked to isolate, or their class bubble being sent home or even in the event of another lockdown.

We will communicate with parents through an online programme called Class Dojo. Work will be planned for each day of lockdown.  Parents and children will have the opportunity to contact and keep in touch with St Chad’s and their children’s teachers.

If a child does not have access to a computer/laptop and/or the internet, the school will do all it can to support children and will provide paper packs of learning. Where funding can be accessed, remote devices (eg, laptops) and/or 4G connections will be sought, particularly for disadvantaged children. Parents will be reminded to make the school aware of any barriers to accessing remote learning.


Each teacher will supply a timetable of the activities for the week.  The expectation is that children will spend the same amount of time on their work as they would in school.

Pack A

We have packs ready to be given out or delivered to any child who has been told to self-isolate because they have tested positive or are awaiting a test.  This work will be year group specific, but will not follow on from what is currently being taught at this specific time.

Pack B

Ready if a bubble has to be sent home for two weeks.  This will be year group specific, but will not follow on from what is currently being taught in class.

                                                             October Half-Term

Class Dojo

Our approach includes a blend of paper resources, online learning including some short instruction videos recorded by staff and resources available through online learning platforms such as:

  • BBC Bitesize

  • Oak Academy

  • Whiterose maths

  • Times Table Tockstars

  • Oxford Owl

The remote learning set by the teachers will follow the long-term curriculum plan for their class so that children can continue to access the relevant curriculum for their year and keep up.

Teachers will provide adapted learning resources for children with additional learning needs, i.e. SEND or where English is an additional language.

The governors and senior leadership team at St Chad’s School are fully aware that these are exceptional times and each family is unique, because of this we will approach remote learning in way which suits their individual needs. We realise that the circumstances that cause our school to


close will affect families in a number of ways. In our planning and expectations, we are aware of the need for flexibility from all sides:

  • parents may be trying to work from home so access to technology as a family may be limited;


  •  parents may have two or more children trying to access technology and need to prioritise the needs of young people studying towards GCSE/A Level accreditation.


Teacher Expectations

Teachers will respond promptly, within reason, to requests for support from families at home. This should be done through Class Dojo.  Teachers will be available, to be contacted by parents and children, from 8:30am – 4:30pm.  This will be up and running by October half term.

  • Teachers will receive training and guidance so that they are confident in using the remote learning resources. This is a new approach.  Members of the leadership team are available to support any teachers when setting and accessing remote learning resources.

  • Work will be set each day and posted on Dojo by 3:30pm ready for the next days lessons, during a lockdown or if a group has been sent home.  Monday’s work will be posted on a Friday by 3:30pm.

  • Children will complete work either on Dojo or they can screenshot written work and post to their portfolio.  It is expected that one piece of work a day will be screenshot and uploaded to their portfolio.

  • Teacher’s will ensure that they have made contact with a child in their class at least once a week.  If they have been unable to contact the child, then they should contact the parent.

  • If a child does not have access to Dojo, then a weekly pack of work will be prepared ready for collection every Friday in preparation for the next week.  Pack to be retuned when collecting the next pack or when it is safe to do so. Children will be supplied with an exercise book to complete all their school work in.  They are to return it to school when it is safe to do so.

Parent Expectations

The remote learning set for children will be in line with the learning that would take place in the classroom so the teachers will provide resources that deliver the main aspects of the curriculum plan.  We encourage parents to support their children’s work, by viewing the work set together, and then making appropriate plans to complete the work. This can include finding an appropriate place to work and, to the best of their ability, supporting pupils with work encouraging them to work with good levels of concentration.

  • Every effort will be made by staff to ensure that work is set promptly on appropriate platforms but school cannot guarantee that the chosen platforms will work on all devices. Should accessing work be an issue, parents should contact school promptly and alternative solutions will be made available (e.g. paper copies of work.).

  • To establish which families may need further support or access to IT equipment, school leaders will survey parents so that any potential barriers to children accessing online learning can be addressed as soon as possible. To help parents to feel confident when helping their child to access remote learning, teachers and leaders will continue to upload ‘how to’ guides and videos on the school website.

Remote teaching for staff who are self-isolating

Teaching staff are required to self-isolate if they show symptoms or they have been told to shield.

  • Whilst self-isolating, and if able to do so, non-teaching staff may be asked to support their class teacher from home or may be given other work to support the school or asked to support with the online learning provision for their year group


  •  If unwell themselves, teachers will be covered by another staff member for the sharing of activities. Communication and planning during this time will not be undertaken until the teacher is fit to work.

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