Our School Day


Children are not permitted to leave the premises at lunchtime.

Whilst in school, children are expected to follow the school rules and be guided by all of the adults employed by the school; this includes the Lunchtime Supervisors who have responsibility for the pupils for the duration of the lunchtime break. Parents are requested to encourage their children to respect all staff working at St Chad's.

Children may bring one item of fruit into school for their mid-morning break. A non-fizzy drink may also be brought into school in a carton or plastic bottle. Fresh drinking water is available at all times, both inside and outside school. Children may keep a bottle of water on their desk during lesson times; this must have a 'sports top' to prevent spillages.

If you wish to speak to your child's class teacher, he/she will be happy to do so at the end of the day, or a time convenient to both. Messages may be left at the school office. Teachers will not be able to speak to parents once lessons have begun. The Headteacher will be available before the start of school on most mornings, at the end of the day and by appointment at any other time.

If any parent would like to volunteer their skills and expertise please speak to the Headteacher. There are certain legal restrictions/requirements when working with young people.