Religious Education 

Religious Education provides the children with the knowledge, understanding and awareness of the Catholic faith and it’s beliefs.

At St. Chad’s we teach Religious Education following the curriculum strategy, Learning and Growing and the People of God, provided by the Archdiocese of Birmingham. The strategy covers a wide range of Catholic teachings and Scripture. The strategy has a strong emphasis on pupils engaging with and responding to questions of life in the light of religious teaching.


In Year 3 and Year 6, our Catholic children prepare to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation. During the preparation process parents are invited and expected to; attend a variety of meeting to help them support their child in getting ready for the important Sacraments they are going to receive.

Inspire Workshops

At St. Chad’s, we pride ourselves on our parental involvement in Religious Education.

Since 2017/18 we have introduced termly Inspire Workshops, where parents are given an opportunity to work and grow spiritually with their child.

Dates for Autumn workshops:

Reception: Thursday 13th December 2018

Year 1: Wednesday 28th November 2018

Year 2: Friday 16th November 2018

Year 3: Friday 30th November 2018

Year 4: Monday 12th November 2018

Year 5: Friday 7th November 2018

Year 6: Thursday 15th November 2018

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