School Meals

The school has its own kitchen and meals are available for all children who require them. At present the cost of a school lunch is £2.25 per day.


Healthy, balanced meals of good quality are cooked and served on the school premises, incorporating a range of healthy options such as a salad bar.


Parents must inform the school office by completing a change of meal type form should they wish to change their child's meal choice from school meals to packed lunch or vice versa.

Parents can change the meal choice at the beginning of the term only, and the choice will be for the whole term.  There are limited facilities for children to bring packed lunches.  These should not contain sweets or chocolates.  Water is also available in school. 


If your child prefers to bring a packed lunch, they may choose to take a meal on Thursday when pizza is served and this can be requested on the form, otherwise they will not be provided with a meal as the kitchen will prepare food for the known number of meals needed per day.  


Parents of children with special dietary requirements should inform the school.

Dinner money is payable in advance via ParentPay, the secure online payment system:

Go to 

  • Type in the username and password received in the activation letter from school, be sure not to confuse the letter l (for lemon) with the number one (1) and the number 0 (zero) with the letter o (for orange). NB these user details are for one-time use only and will become invalid after account activation  

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully activate the account. At this point the user will need to enter in their name, an email address and select a password for the account (their email address will become their username) 

  • Read the ParentPay terms and conditions and click in the box next to Accept terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and click Continue 

  • A verification email will be sent to the user. They will need to click on the link within the email to activate and access their account.



Parents may choose to pay for meals for one week or for long periods in advance, e.g. for a month, half a term, or a full term. 

Since September 2014 all children who are in reception, year 1 or year 2 in a state-funded school are offered a free healthy school lunch.  Children in other school years will also be offered a free school lunch if their parent is receiving certain welfare benefits.

Registering for free meals could raise an extra £1,300 for your child’s school, to fund valuable support like extra tuition, additional teaching staff or after school activities.

This additional money is available from central government for every child whose parent is receiving certain welfare benefits. It is therefore important to sign up for free school meals, even if your child is in reception, year 1 or year 2, so that your child’s school receives as much funding as possible.

Applications forms for free meals may be obtained from the school office.