The Modern Foreign Language Curriculum


Hola! Did you know that 21 Countries in the world speak Spanish, making it the second most spoken language in the world?  That’s about 422 million of Spanish speakers in the world!

Every week at St Chad’s children as well as teachers take part during Spanish lessons. The main focus is placed in developing communication skills through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Our aim is to engage, encourage and motivate our pupils to learn a new language through dynamic, fun and interactive activities.  We are committed to lay strong foundations in order to develop young confident Spanish learners who will be happy to pursue the language to a higher level when moving to KS3.

During the lessons, children are exposed to new vocabulary and expressions.  They learn by talking, playing games, singing songs, reading poems and short stories and writing new words and phrases. 

In order to make steady progress and reinforce previous learning, every week children practice new words during registration.  This simple exercise offers them an invaluable opportunity to be exposed to the language every day of the week.

Spanish is also part of the Catholic School life.  Children and staff do the sign of the cross in Spanish and are learning to say simple prayers in this language.

At St Chad’s we believe that effort must always be praised and acknowledge.  At the end of every lesson, children who have tried hard are rewarded with a   “pegatina” or sticker in order to celebrate their effort.  At the end of every term, pupils who have continuously tried hard during the lessons receive a Spanish Certificate during Celebration Assembly.

Circle of Colored Pencils

spanish Autumn Term  2020

Circle of Colored Pencils

 spanish Spring 2 Term 2019

Circle of Colored Pencils

Spanish Spring 1 Term 2019