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Headteacher's Welcome

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to St Chad's Catholic Primary School.


Our school is a very special place. We want all of our students to feel cared for, loved, nurtured and developed in a supportive climate that strives to ensure they all reach their potential. Academic success is extremely important, but so too is preparing our young people for a rapidly changing society and to become responsible, caring, tolerant individuals with a love for life and a belief that they should reach for the stars.

We have extremely high expectations of student behaviour and attainment and will never settle for second best. Young people only get one chance and we take our responsibility in educating your children extremely seriously. Our relationship with you as parents and carers is vital and we very much look forward to beginning that special journey together.

Matthew Tehan

Meet Our Staff

Mrs M Ryan

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs H Furlong


Mrs H Fahey

Year One

Mrs J Ashford

Year Two

Mr L Brownhill

Year Three

Mr A Teagle

Year Four Teacher

MS G Meehan

Year Five

Mrs M Parker

Deputy Head Teacher & Year Six

Mrs S McCartan

Year Six Teacher

Mrs C Neilson

PPA Cover Teacher

Mrs D Williams


Mrs E Thompson 

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Azadeh

Child And Family Support Worker

Mrs C Green

Teaching Assistant

Miss T McCullough

Teaching Assistant

Miss Y Wilkes

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J O'Neill

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Reynolds

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Minchin

Teaching Assistant and SEN Support

Mrs S Powell

Teaching Assistant

Mr J Benjamin

Pastoral Manager

Miss K Robinson

Business Manager

Mrs T Adhanom

Office Manager

Mr E Morris

Site Manager

Headteacher's Welcome

Miss N Dartnell

PE Teacher

Kitchen Staff

Dinner Supervisors

Mrs K Wheatley

Inclusion  Manager

Mrs G Bouhayed

Office Assistant

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