The Catholic Faith

Catholic Life

Catholic Life is how the staff and children use the gospel messages to live out the Catholic teachings in the school and wider community. Children are taught to use and apply what they have learnt from scripture, prayers and teachings to their daily lives.

St. Chad’s is made up of children and staff from a variety of faiths, backgrounds and cultures. Catholic Life is how the children and staff live and work as a community and have a sense of belonging, including the different backgrounds and cultures.

Catholic Life, at St. Chad’s, is driven by our school’s mission;

“At St. Chad’s, we grow in the light of Christ, to share his love and reflect the gospel values.”

At St. Chad’s, the mission statement was developed and written by the children in RE Club.

Catholic Life incorporates all aspects of school life and is cross-curricular.

Therefore, Catholic life considers pupils’ interest and engagement in the spiritual, moral and ethical issues, across all subjects. Catholic Life encourages a holistic approach to education and vocation; using our gift from God for the service of others.

Catholic Life refers to the whole school community. Is includes pastoral care shown to all children, members of staff and parents.