The Catholic Faith

Catholic Life

Catholic Life is how the staff and children use the gospel messages to live out the Catholic teachings in the school and wider community. Children are taught to use and apply what they have learnt from scripture, prayers and teachings to their daily lives.

St. Chad’s is made up of children and staff from a variety of faiths, backgrounds and cultures. Catholic Life is how the children and staff live and work as a community and have a sense of belonging, including the different backgrounds and cultures.

Catholic Life, at St. Chad’s, is driven by our school’s mission;

“At St. Chad’s, we grow in the light of Christ, to share his love and reflect the gospel values.”

At St. Chad’s, the mission statement was developed and written by the children in RE Club in 2015.

Catholic Life incorporates all aspects of school life and is cross-curricular.

Therefore, Catholic life considers pupils’ interest and engagement in the spiritual, moral and ethical issues, across all subjects. Catholic Life encourages a holistic approach to education and vocation; using our gift from God for the service of others.

Catholic Life refers to the whole school community. Is includes pastoral care shown to all children, members of staff and parents.

Meet our Faith Ambassadors

Y1- Tiana and JayJay

Year 2- Petra and Shanen

Year 3- Suely and Papa-Leon

Year 4- Amika and Naod

Year 5- Sean and Ailliyah

Year 6- Tiana and Naod



To help the school to grow as a community of faith.

To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living.

To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school.

To improve the Catholic environment of the school.

To support the school in its Mission Statement.

To support monitoring of Catholic Life and Collective Worship.


Duties include:

1. Lead class in prayer

2. Take part in monitoring

3. Plan and lead Collective Worship

4. Monitoring RE resources

5. Help choose charities for fundraising

6. Greeting visitors

7. Reporting back to the governors and Head Teacher

8. Writing a school prayer based around the Mission Statement.

9. Help improve the school environment

The Faith Ambassadors meet for after school club every Monday. The children have been working on the communal displays around the school, such as, the Faith Ambassadors display and the St. Ambrose display.

September 2018

We signed our contracts promising to do my best to promote and support the spiritual growth of the children at St. Chad’s School to help them grow in the light of Christ, share his love and reflect the gospel values.

October 2018

We planned and prepared the entrance display. We decided that the focus should be Mary as we are in the Month of October. We agreed that the display should be changed to match the Liturgical calendar.

We monitored the prayer areas in each classroom. We fed back out findings to Miss Turner.

We monitored the RE displays in each classroom. We helped Miss Turner write up our findings to share with the teachers.

November 2018

We planned and prepared the entrance display for November. We decided that the focus should be al souls as we are in the month of November.




This year we have a special focus on vocations and the Year of the Priest. Each class created a display for the hall with the focus of vocations. They thought about how they live out their vocations in school through the Virtues and role models who live out the gospel values in their own vocation.

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